What to Do


Stout Grove

Stout Grove is the world’s most scenic stand of redwoods. It’s not all that large, and it doesn’t have the biggest trees, but for sheer photogenic beauty nothing beats this extraordinary grove on a sunny afternoon.

Located on a small floodplain at the confluence of two rivers, Stout Grove is a quintessential alluvial-flat grove, with an otherworldly, cathedral-like majesty. There are quite a few good-sized trees here, although the Stout Tree with its distinctively rippled bark dwarfs all the others. The trees are all redwoods, with no under-story of tan-oak or other small trees to obscure the views. The redwoods are densely packed, especially at the west end of the grove. A perfect, plush, lawn-like layer of ferns and redwood sorrel carpets the ground.

The grove has a remarkably hushed and serene environment. Sounds are damped out by the thick, spongy layer of needles on the ground. What’s more, the grove is hidden away off the normal tourist routes and busy Highway 101 is miles away.


Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach was named after the Scottish pioneer George Harris who settled here in the late 1880s to raise sheep and cattle.  The park boasts the largest island off the Oregon coast.  Bird Island (also called Goat Island) is a National Wildlife Sanctuary and breeding site for such rare birds as the tufted puffin.  The park offers sandy beaches interspersed with rocky outcroppings harboring interesting tide-pools with their wide variety of life.  Sea stacks dot the ocean just off shore.

The park’s beauty changes with the seasons.  Many people are drawn to the powerful and dramatic winter storms; others seek the green and fragrant spring.  Summer is the time to bring your kites, shovels and pails with dry days of sun and occasional fog.  Fall is often the best time of year with clearer, warm days and gorgeous sunsets.  Wildlife viewing opportunities are abundant, with gray whales on their winter and spring migrations, Harbor seals, California sea lions, sea birds and the rich marine gardens.  All-in-all making this park a fascinating stop for camping or beach-combing.


Ocean World

Ocean World is more than just an aquarium; it is entertainment for the whole family. You will be taken on a fully guided tour by our highly trained staff who will show you and tell you about the creatures of the sea. The tour lasts about 45 minutes and it is fun, educational and entertaining. These tours are intimate with many unique and one of a life time experiences waiting for you.

You start with the Touch and Feel Tide Pool where you will have the opportunity to see and touch many of the strange and interesting creatures that live within the rocks near the shores of the Pacific Northwest.

Next you descend into our aquarium where you will see sharks, bat rays, wolf eels and our playful seals and sea lions. If you are lucky Pearl, our Sea Lion, will blow bubbles for you, or Cora Sea Lion will play a game of tag if you are up for it. You will learn about the life of sea creatures that live right off of our coast here in California.

Then you will be given the opportunity of a life time to pet a real shark. So many who come to visit Ocean World rate this as the thing they liked best about the tour, to touch and feel one of the most amazing creatures living on our earth.

You will then wrap up the tour with an intimate Seal and Sea Lion Performance. You will get to know our Pacific Harbor Seals Wyatt, Skully and Marina as they make you laugh and amaze you with their antics. You will then see the high energy and amazing feats from Cora Sea Lion as she performs for you. You will be introduced to our newest star, Pearl, who is learning new behaviors every week.

Then you will be able to enjoy what many have claimed to be the very best gift shop on the North Coast. We pride ourselves on bringing the unique and “must have” gifts for you to get for yourself or for that special someone. No other gift store offers more.


Oregon Fishing Adventure

Oregon Fishing Adventure is located in beautiful Southern Oregon (aka The Jefferson State), and offers guided salmon and steelhead fishing on the greatest fish producing rivers in the Pacific North West.

They also offer salt water charters out of Brookings, Oregon, there we spend the days chasing the fun filled sea-bass, lingcod and fall king salmon.

They take pride in keeping up with the fish runs on each river, to ensure the best chance at producing the trophy fish and great time you are after. Their fishing season is broke up into the following: Fall Chinook (King) Salmon, Spring Chinook (King) Salmon, Winter Steelhead, Summer Steelhead, Ocean Fishing: Lingcod, Rock Fish & Salmon

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Samuel Boardman Corridor State Park

This corridor is a 12 mile, forested, linear park with a rugged, steep coastline interrupted by small sand beaches.  This park was named in honor of Samuel H. Boardman, the first Oregon Parks superintendent.  He and others of his generation felt this shining coastline should be saved for the public.  What gems they gave us: admire the 300-year old Sitka spruce trees, gaze at the amazing Arch Rock and Natural Bridges, and walk the 27 miles of Oregon Coast Trail that weave through the giant forests.

Seaside prairies, spectacular vistas, secluded cove beaches, rugged cliffs and forested sea stacks come one after the other throughout this park.  Stand and ponder the old shell middens and wonder what it was like to live in a Native American village by the Pacific Ocean.